Winnipeg quarterback Nichols ready for Lions, glove or no glove

Winnipeg quarterback Matt Nichols isn’t worried if wet weather forces him to take the glove off his injured throwing hand.

The Blue Bombers host the B.C. Lions Saturday afternoon, with the forecast including a chance of rain or wet flurries.

Nichols injured the ring finger on his right hand in last week’s loss to Hamilton and has been wearing a modified glove in practice this week. It has holes cut out to free his thumb, index and middle fingers, but the ring and pinkie fingers are covered.

He rated his throwing with the glove as “exactly the same” compared to before the injury. However, if it was raining a lot he’d have to take it off because water would get inside and the glove isn’t very waterproof to begin with.

But that shouldn’t cause any problems, he predicted after Friday’s walkthrough.

“I wouldn’t be going out there if I didn’t feel like I could do my job correctly,” said Nichols, who had the ring finger bandaged.

“(B.C.) has got some good (defensive backs), athletic DBs over there. If you can’t throw the ball the way you’re used to, things probably aren’t going to work out well, so I wouldn’t be going out there if I didn’t think I could make every throw.”

It could be a close contest as the last five games between the clubs have been decided by three points or less.

The Bombers (10-4) haven’t lost back-to-back games this season. They can clinch a playoff spot in the CFL West Division with a win or tie against the Lions (6-8), who wouldn’t be eliminated unless Saskatchewan and Edmonton also …read more


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