Why We Should All Switch To A Green Energy Supplier Before The Electric Car Revolution

When I was growing up in the 90s the concept of consumption and the definition of “energy efficient” was very different to what it is today. Back then it was all about making small changes: fixing leaky facets, throwing food waste on the compost heap, carpooling to school. Halogen light bulbs were considered the saviours of planet Earth and my father was always quick to remind me to turn off the lights when I left a room. For a time, it seemed as though this was enough to combat the dangers of climate change.

However, what it means to be environmentally aware in the modern world is vastly different. We are now being told that these little changes are not enough, and that we should all band together and make significant alterations to our lifestyles — many of which come at a steep cost — to ensure the longevity of our planet and species. Not that I’m complaining!

Fortunately, we (at least the majority of us) haven’t ignored the facts and stats. Despite Mr. Trump’s outlandish claims that global warming is a Chinese conspiracy designed to upset America’s economy, most of us will agree and accept that changes MUST be made. And switching to a renewable provider is the best place to start.

Electric cars seem to be the newest and best way that we, the general consumers, can do our bit. Thanks to Tesla, EVs are starting to make a major dent on the fossil fuel market; or more specifically, the filling station and gas industry. But, while they’re advertised as zero emissions vehicles — and there’s no doubt whatsoever that electric cars themselves are more environmentally friendly than petrol and diesel cars — they are only as clean as their power supply.

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Source:: The Huffington Post – UK Tec

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