Why Gary Ablett Jnr Should Play At Geelong Next Year For Free

Dear Gary Ablett,

I write to you regarding your remuneration for the 2018 AFL season, in which you intend to play with the Geelong Football Club.

It’s an exciting and romantic prospect. A bit like your mum and dad getting back together after a divorce. One day you realise that the tanned Argentinian tennis coach (The Gold Coast Football Club in this analogy, and yes Gary, you are Mum) wasn’t the love match you’d thought it would be — compared to the strong, familiar arms of Dad (Geelong).

Please understand I am in no way affiliated with the club. I’m not even a paid member. I am just a keen supporter who drives past Kardinia Park each day, dreaming dreams and pontificating schemes.

My biggest concern is this thing may not happen for financial reasons. So I propose to outline a case on why you should play for free. If you agree, this will allow Dad to pay out the Tennis Coach your share of the house you built together…


What I’m suggesting is Geelong pays out your 2018 Gold Coast contract in cash, fruit from Frank Costa or the tears of Joel Selwood (which are so rare they are worth more than BitCoin) or a combination of all three, and you come play with us for free.

Good idea, right?

Here are some compelling reasons why playing for Geelong is worth doing for nothing.

Geelong is cool now. Our coffee is off the hook, our restaurants are now on lists and we even have a brewery where people with beards can work. My mate Mike opened a barbers shop and he’s got tattoos! Not that you’d need his services, but he has assured me if you come back, Get Shorty’s will start offering head polishes.

I know you are a man of God, so we have you covered …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – Australia

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