Theresa Villiers On BBC Question Time Prompts Brexit Zinger From David Dimbleby

Theresa Villiers was on the receiving end of a David Dimbleby comeback on Question Time after she launched into a passionate defence of Brexit.

The former Tory Northern Ireland Secretary was speaking in Belfast (which voted Remain), and from the off encountered an incredulous reaction from the audience.

She said: “I believe Brexit is going to open up real opportunities for the United Kingdom as a whole including Northern Ireland.”

Theresa Villiers says that Brexit will “open up opportunities” for the UK #bbcqt

— BBC Question Time (@bbcquestiontime) October 12, 2017

As she finished her opening sentence a round of laughter spread throughout those watching.

Undeterred, she continued: “I think as an independent country again able to make our own decisions on how we support our farmers, giving a lifeline to our fishermen, introducing an immigration system that has democratic consent – I think all of these are positives and those that predicted that we would sustain an immediate economic shock when we voted to leave the European Union have been proved wrong.

“We have the lowest unemployment since 1975, there are three million more people in work than 2010, we have the best record in Europe for foreign direct investment.

“More than ever before there are many opportunities ahead for Northern Ireland when we implement Brexit.”

To which Dimbleby replied simply: “Is it going well so far?”

The Question Time host was of course referring to the current Brexit negotiations which are not going particularly well.

Talks between the United Kingdom and European Union are in “deadlock” over how much money Britain will pay as it exits the bloc and Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, told a press conference in Brussels on Thursday the impasse was “disturbing”.

In response Villiers extolled the …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – UK politics

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