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The impasse between the UK and the EU over Brexit was confirmed yesterday as Michael Barnier warned of the


Defence Secretary Michael Fallon yesterday all but confirmed that British IS recruit Sally-Anne Jones had been killed in the US drone strike in Syria. Reading carefully from a script, Fallon warned that anyone who joined Daesh made themselves “a legitimate target and run the risk, every hour of every day, of being on the wrong end of an RAF or USAF missile.”

Government figures certainly think the public is right behind such assassinations, but unease is growing in Labour at the strike and at claims that Jones’ 12-year-old son was also killed in what the US calls “collateral damage”. Crucially, Jeremy Corbyn put his worries on record, saying terror suspects like Jones “ought to be put on trial” rather than killed.

Fallon pounced on Corbyn’s remarks, clearly seeing them as a repeat of the Labour leader’s equivocation about the drone strike on ‘Jihadi John’. Fallon said Corbyn’s “continued refusal to back drone strikes on terrorists who are actively plotting murder on our streets shows he is simply not fit to lead or keep us safe.” But a spokesman for the Labour leader told HuffPost UK: “Conservative smears didn’t work in the general election and they won’t work now. As he has said repeatedly, as Prime Minister, Jeremy will do everything necessary and effective to keep our people safe.”


Damian Green is seen on most sides of the Commons as a decent, pragmatic politician. But even Theresa May’s de facto deputy Prime Minister couldn’t prevent the Government losing a ‘no confidence’ motion at the Oxford Union last night. In perhaps another indication of the youthful ‘Corbyn surge’, …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – UK politics

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