Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor: Try These Four Easy Tips

The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for supporting our organs from the bladder to the anus and all in between.

They’re a great big sling of muscles that sit between the coccyx — or tailbone — all the way to the front near the bladder and also extend out to the side of the pelvis. It’s really important to make sure your pelvic muscles are strong enough to hold you in place, but not too tight that they cause you pain.

So, if these muscles are so important, what kind of practical things can each of us do everyday to ensure our pelvic floor muscles are ship-shape?

First of all, there is an easy test you can do to work out how strong your muscles are.

The Flow Stop

“If you sit on the toilet and you are about halfway mid-stream, and you are trying to cut off mid-stream. If you are able to do that then yes, you have got a correct pelvic floor muscle contraction,” pelvic floor physiotherapist Sherin Jarvis told HuffPost Australia.

Do this once a month as an easy way to test how your pelvic floor is fairing.

Four Easy Tips For Stronger Pelvic Floor Muscles

1. Squeeze The Anus

“The muscles go all the way through to the coccyx and the muscle is actually pierced by the urethra and then the vagina and then the rectum and the anus go through the muscle,” Jarvis said.

“If you don’t squeeze in the anus then you have ignored half of the muscle’s power.”

2. Get Both Locations Working

“The muscle has a dual action. It squeezes and it lifts up and forward — so not in the direction of [the] head but up and behind [the] pubic bone and behind your belly button. Squeeze everything closed and then up and forward.”

“It’s that action that helps …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – Australia

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