Sir David Amess Apologises For Press Release That Called Harvey Weinstein Allegations ‘Dubious’

A senior Tory MP has been forced to apologise after his office issued a statement suggesting the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment and assault allegations were “dubious”.

Southend West MP Sir David Amess issued a clarification, saying the comments were in a press release from his office “which I had not seen or authorised.”

The press release, quoted in Amess’ name by local paper The Southend Echo, said: “The recent revelations that countless starlets have apparently been assaulted by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein are dubious to say the least.

“Whilst it has no doubt always been the case that some individuals have achieved their big break via the casting couch, this sudden flurry of alleged inappropriate advances beggars belief.

“Just as with the claims against Jimmy Saville here in the UK, why did no one say anything until now?”

The comment caused a wave of anger on social media.

This is my MP saying rape victims are liars. He is not fit to represent me or anyone. @Conservatives @CCHQPress do you have anything to say?

— jack monRAHHHH! (@BootstrapCook) October 13, 2017

Hey, @Conservatives, why is Sir David Amess MP casting doubt on the victims of serial sex offender Jimmy Savile?

— David Lewis (@davidclewis) October 13, 2017

But, when his office was contacted by HuffPost on Friday, Amess issued a statement insisting he had not said those words.

He said: “Unfortunately, a press release was issued in my name from my office this morning which I had not seen or authorised.

“I was horrified when I read its contents, so I have sought to clarify the issue as soon as possible.

“I wish to make it perfectly plain I abhor what Harvey Weinstein has been accused of and furthermore I think the way …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – UK politics

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