Pigging Isn’t A New Trend, This Abusive Behaviour Has Long Happened To Single Women

Everyone knows that being single can be a minefield of disappointment and despair, and that is without being ghosted, zombied or having to face your grandma’s constant questions about the state of your love life.

But what happens when you become an unwilling participant in cruel dating behaviour that leaves you considering lifelong celibacy as a reasonable option?

This week, Sophie Stevenson from Stoke-On-Trent, claimed she was the subject of an elaborate ‘pigging’ prank that saw her travel to Holland to meet former holiday fling, Dutch student Jesse Mateman, but he failed to meet her.

Although Mateman denies the claims, Stevenson told ITV’s ‘This Morning’, that the only explanation she ever received for his behaviour was a text message that said: “You’ve been pigged”, with two pig emojis.

While this alleged behaviour may sound shocking (as it should), pigging is nothing new, and is certainly not a recent dating trend. It is a form of abusive behaviour that has always been entertained in the background of casual dating.

For the uninitiated, pigging refers to the hideous practice (instigated by young men) of asking women out as a joke or a prank. The term coming from the fact that the woman in question is deemed to be less unattractive and/or overweight (hence the hugely witty reference to farmyard animals).

But make no mistake, this isn’t something that is officially recognised – there are no official statistics on this sort of casual dating behaviour to refer to.

Speaking to sex and relationship expert, Suzi Godson, she admitted that she hadn’t come across it herself, and neither had relationship charity, Relate.

HuffPost also found a lack of people willing to come forward to officially discuss their experiences of pigging with us. But just because …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – UK Lifestyle

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