No Bra Day Is Not Aligned With Breast Cancer Care, So Where Did It Begin?

Women are being encouraged on social media to take off their bras and share photos with the hashtag #NoBraDay.

The campaign has also been picked up and promoted by some news sites with headlines explaining ‘why women should leave their bras at home today’ next to photos of semi-naked women.

At first glance this looks like another charity event to raise attention for Breast Cancer Awareness Month – but would a cancer charity really ask women to share photos of their bra-free chests? And in what way does this fashion statement actually serve to raise awareness of a medical condition?

We had to find out.

Trying to learn the origins of the event is difficult. There is no official website and there are multiple Twitter accounts dedicated to the “awareness” day.

Our first stop was to speak to Breast Cancer Care, a charity that has been linked to by some people using the hashtag.

But the charity’s director of fundraising and marketing, Andy Harris, told us they are not aligned to the campaign in any way.

“Our supporters are fantastic and highly creative fundraisers who raise millions for Breast Cancer Care annually. And we are hugely grateful,” he said.

“However the charity is not aligned with No Bra Day.”

Next up we spoke to Anna Johnson, who is part of a UK-based team that created the Twitter account @NoBraDay2017.

She responded to our request for information via email, but would not agree to answer questions over the phone as she was busy with meetings.

Johnson confirmed that No Bra Day is not formally associated with Breast Cancer Care, but added that it does have “more unofficial links”, although she would not elaborate on this.

When asked about the identity of the founder of No Bra Day, she …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – UK Style

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