Knowing Your Flavour Of Self-Sabotage Is Half The Battle

We all have a unique “flavour” (or multiple flavours) of health self-sabotage — a personalized justification system we use to rationalize our unhealthy choices. The trick is to identify your unique flavour — what I often refer to as your “negative brain propaganda.” Why? With awareness brings choice. It is once you are aware of unproductive thought patterns (propaganda) that you can figure out targeted solutions.

Self-sabotage flavour No. 1: Rationalizing with the snowball effect

Missing one workout is not the same as missing five. One cookie is not the same as seven. One glass of wine is not the same as drinking the bottle. Portions count, and all movement adds up.

Too many of us snowball; we rationalize missing workouts or eating multiple treats by telling ourselves that the damage has already been done, so why not indulge further?

You can compensate for small indulgences. If you let that one choice snowball into multiple indulgences it will take days (even weeks) to get back on track.

I live by the motto, “It is always easier to keep up than to catch up.” When I want to snowball I use this “mustard” image: I imagine what I would do if I spilled a small amount of mustard on my shirt. I would spot treat it immediately. I wouldn’t say, “I spilled this much, so I might as well spill the entire bottle on myself.” Spilling the bottle is the same as eating 10 cookies “just because you already had one.” Neither makes sense. “Snowballing” does not make sense.

“Had to” statements should be the exception, NOT the norm.

Self-sabotage flavour No. 2: Crying wolf

“I had to skip a workout because of X.”

“I had to eat the fast food because it was all that was available.”

“I had to have frozen pizza because I had no other …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Travel

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