Kevin McCloud Wants Us All To Build Our Own Homes And Has Worked Out How We Can Do It

While ‘Grand Designs’ often focuses on ambitious, pricey projects, the show’s host Kevin McCloud thinks that building your own home needn’t be a practice reserved for the super wealthy.

By ditching the idea that having pot loads of cash and working alone is the only route to owning a self-built property, Kevin argues that many of us could create our own sustainable and well-designed homes.

One way of doing so is through community build projects, which see families and individuals pooling their resources to construct not just houses, but shared living spaces and childcare options.

Addressing the first time he encountered this model, when the Hedgehog co-op group featured on ‘Grand Designs’, Kevin told HuffPost UK: “It was a really interesting exercise in social sustainability, I suppose you could call it.

“People building connections to places and finding security and being able to give back to society as a result of not being too stressed by the financial circumstances they’ve found themselves in.

“I thought, in 1999, we’re going to have loads of these, we’ll be able to do a series of community self-builds but we only found one more, and that was it.

“I’d love society to be doing more of it because it just creates a fantastic community, it’s good for sustainability, it’s good for architecture, it’s good all round, it’s how we used to build.”

Another option is custom-builds, where individuals work with developers, utilising their expert advice to design and construct their homes, with the focus often being on the community surrounding each home as well as the structure itself – something Kevin thinks is crucial.

“I’m quite interested in exploring new models and ways of owning and renting or living which allows you to be part of a community and doesn’t stigmatise you,” he explains. …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – UK Entertainment

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