I Made The Decision To Take A Break From University And You Can Too

By Jake Bradshaw (@jakebrad1), a second-year economics major at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont.

This was originally published Oct. 5 in the Queen’s Journal.

“Mom, I need to come home.”

It has now been two weeks since I made the decision to come home for the semester. Although barely any time has passed, it feels like a lot has happened since I made that call to my parents.

Despite the short period of time, I learned a lot about myself, my friends and the pressure that we’re all under as university students. My hope is that in explaining my experience struggling with a mental illness, it will allow other students to feel comfortable taking the appropriate steps they need to get better.

This can mean either getting the help they need at school in the form of social supports and counselling, or making the decision to take a break. The important thing is to recognize that you’re struggling and to prioritize your mental health.

If I was still on campus, I would now be in my fourth week of classes as a second-year economics student. My first year was a little rocky and I struggled through lots of different challenges. There were moments where I felt alone, unsure of myself and hopeless about my future.

Looking back, what was I supposed to do? I was a first-year arts student who hated all of the courses I was in. The challenges I faced manifested themselves in different ways, but I ended up with a lack of confidence in myself as well as in my future.

I had doubts about all aspects of my life. I doubted my major and career path, my friendships, my decision to go to Queen’s and ultimately how well I actually knew myself. This led me into some dark times where I …read more

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