Heist Tights Advert Featuring Topless Woman Censored On London Tube

An advert for Heist Tights was banned from being displayed on the London Tube because it featured a topless dancer.

A censored version of the ad with a bandeau top Photoshopped onto the models’ back, is currently plastered across the Underground.

Ellie Howard, head of community at Heist, told HuffPost UK the fashion brand was told to make the modification to the image because TFL’s media partner deemed the shot to be “overtly sexual”.

“We’re feeling pretty indignant about this,” she said.

A TFL spokesperson explained that its media partner Exterion was responsible for the request to add a black strap to the model’s back.

“We were not sent the advert which is being referred to,” they said.

“Every advertisement is reviewed by our agents [Exterion] against our advertising policy to make sure it is compliant.

“In cases where an advertisement is deemed not to be compliant, we work with the advertiser to amend it.”

TfL’s advertising policy was updated in January 2016, when London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, promised stricter guidelines relating to adverts which promoted problematic body image ideals.

This followed outrage over a Protein World advert in 2015, which featured a bikini-clad model and the slogan: “Are you beach body ready?”

However, Howard argues that the Heist advert should not have fallen foul of these guidelines because it is not sexualised.

“We use dancing and movement in our imagery precisely because we are trying to challenge the way that women are sexualised in underwear adverts, yet it seems that the back of a female dancer is unacceptable,” she said.

“This is a huge shame and something that we think urgently needs to change”.

Howard added that she felt censoring the image, conveyed a message about how women’s bodies are viewed as sexual objects in society.

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Source:: The Huffington Post – UK Style

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