Girl Talk: Get The Breast Cancer Info You Need

When diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s crucial that women are given the information they need to select the treatment option that’s right for them. Too often, women feel pressured, afraid and ill-informed.

Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy? Take Time to Make the Decision

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, it is a huge shock, and naturally it feels like an emergency: She wants to get rid of the cancer as soon as possible and improve her chances of survival. But, in most cases the emphasis should be firmly on achieving the right outcome from a woman’s treatment, which requires that she take some time to understand her options.

Long-term Breast Surgery Outcomes

Expanding on patient choice and how women need to be as well informed as possible, let’s think about mastectomy. For some women there is no choice but to have one, but nowadays there are lots of options: a straightforward mastectomy, mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, or with delayed reconstruction. Most women don’t know about this and they need time to understand the differences and think about what they want. Women worry that discussing aesthetics is about vanity; this is not the case– it is part of the long-term outcomes.

There is a lot of emphasis these days on survivorship, and the right decision at the beginning of your treatment will ensure you feel much better at the end– and for the rest of your life

How are medical teams helping women become better informed? At UCLH for example, with leading breast surgeon Jo Frank’s team, if you are given a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment options you are never asked to decide at that point. You have an appointment with a clinical nurse specialist, look at photographs, feel implants and silicone breast forms, ask questions about the procedures, and then– when you …read more

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