Don’t Confuse Accommodating Mental Health With Lowering Standards

Just as students were headed back to school, a vigorous debate was unfolding on the pages of our .

While this may be threatening to those who have historically had a stronghold on privilege, our laws require organizations to assess people as individuals. Organizations must take stereotypes, personal preferences and institutional culture out of the equation. Each person should be able to obtain an education suited to their skills, interests and abilities, even if they have legitimate needs that must be accommodated.

Inclusion is in our interests as a society — accommodation is a practical way to allow diverse people to meet their full potential and contribute to our collective prosperity.

Failure to create safe and welcoming educational institutions for diverse people reinforces marginalization and can result in poverty and a greater reliance on the social safety net. Statistics Canada data shows that people with disabilities are less likely to have a university degree or participate in the labour force, and more likely to be unemployed or have a low income.

The legal protection of equality has played an important role in creating the Canada that so many people around the world look to for leadership. That is why we cannot be sidetracked by debates that cast students who require accommodation as burdens on otherwise high-functioning academic institutions. Such debates are divisive and underestimate the huge potential that we can harness if everyone has a stake in our future.

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