Donald Trump accuses Iran of violating the nuclear deal

HE HAD to comfort himself by accusing Barack Obama of a historic blunder and by slandering the leaders of France and Britain as shills greedy for Iranian cash. But on October 13th —amid much bluster—President Donald Trump finally bowed to reality and the advice of his national security advisers and backed away from campaign promises to unilaterally abandon the deal brokered by Mr Obama and other world leaders in 2015 to freeze Iran’s nuclear weapons programme.

Make no mistake, this was a climb-down, at least for now. Mr Trump has spent more than two years calling the deal an “embarrassment” that left Iranians “laughing at us”—grave charges in Mr Trump’s foreign policy lexicon. But this week the America First president balked when offered the chance to blow up the deal, known formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA. That chance arose thanks to a reporting requirement put in place by a suspicious Congress back when Mr Obama was still in the White House.

Because congressional…

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Source:: The Economits – United States

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