Angry San Juan Mayor Lashes Out (Again): “Big Mouth” President “Taking All His Anger Out On Puerto Rico”

Last night, an angry mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, and CNN once again teamed up to bash President Trump for using his “big mouth” to “spread his hate all over the place.” Asked by a goading Don Lemon whether she thought “the President is treating Puerto Rico differently than Texas and Florida after the hurricanes,” here is what Cruz had to say:

“Most definitely. He’s treating Puerto Rico differently than the U.S. treated Haiti. For some reason, he’s taking all of his anger out on Puerto Rico.”

“There’s a big disconnect between the big heart of the volunteers and the people that are here working on the ground and frankly the big mouth of the President of the United States who continues to add insult to injury.”

Earlier in the interview, after confusing Don Lemon for someone named ‘Juan’, Cruz said that Trump is “exuding behavior unbecoming of a leader of the free world” and once again referred to him as the “hater-in-chief.”

“Well, you know Juan [presumably she meant Don], I think when the President makes this personal he really is exuding behavior unbecoming of a leader of the free world.”

“This isn’t personal. This is life saving. This isn’t politics. This is about saving lives. There are thousands of people out there who still don’t have drinking water. They don’t have food. They don’t have access to the appropriate medication.”

“Rather than be a commander-in-chief he continues to be a ‘hater-in-chief’. He continues to tweet his hate all over the place. And rather than offering comforting words…hey, if you can’t be a president, be an executive…make sure that all ducks are straight in a row and that you’re getting things done.”

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