10 Ridiculous Period Myths Faced By Girls Around The World

A girls' club at the Zengoo primary school in Ethiopia discusses menstrual hygiene. The club was launched in October 2014 to tackle girls' dropout  due to menstruation.

For hundreds of years, women and girls have been told ridiculous stories about the dangerous super powers they possess when they menstruate. But having a period is a very normal and healthy part of our lives. Despite this, menstruation remains a taboo topic in many settings, and the silence can be damaging.

What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

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When girls are close, they can “sync up” and have their period at the same time.


Some research indicates it is true, but other research shows that is not the case. As a sister and female flatmate, I can vouch that synchronized periods do happen, but I would struggle to show you the proof.

Menstrual blood can kill.


In some communities in Burundi, it is thought that contact with a woman who has her period can be deadly for family members.

Girls are weaker when they menstruate.


Women and girls around the world prove this myth wrong every single day. Girls are doing incredible things — even when they don’t have a toilet, or sanitary products, to help them manage their period.

You can actually consume more chocolate when you have your period, without taking in any calories.

This is actually a myth that we’d really like to think is true — so we’re going to just go ahead and say “unclear.” Next…

I can play an important role in breaking the damaging silence around periods.


Whether you get your period or not, you can play an important role in breaking the negative taboo associated with menstruation. Strike up a conversation, share a story, ask a question or simply just put it out there — #MenstruationMatters!

Philippa Lysaght represents water, sanitation and hygiene in UNICEF’s public advocacy team.

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