What Canada’s Policy Makers Can Learn From The Bee Crisis 

A young Canadian entrepreneur’s perspective on the proposed tax reforms

Canada’s youth unemployment rate is still almost twice our national average, and while the rate declined in April, this is due to the fact young Canadians are leaving the workforce.

Where are they going? Frustrated with the lack of opportunity, many are turning to entrepreneurship to take their future into their own hands and find new ways to solve community challenges.

As one of these driven young Canadians, I have invested everything I have since the age of 19 years-old into building my business and with more work rooted in Millennial engagement and activation, I have connected with other young entrepreneurs in more than 59 countries.

In comparison to other parts of the world, Canada offers many innovation resources and support programs for businesses. For instance, I can register a business name overnight, file trademarks online without large lawyer fees, and access a variety of business planning, and mentorship supports through federal and provincial centres. Grateful for the ecosystem Canada has provided me to start my business, I have been proud to be a young Canadian entrepreneur.

Initial conversations on proposed tax reforms however, caused some concerns.

Over the past year I have participated in key international leadership forums, including the United Nations High Level Political Forum, the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance summit (G20 YEA), and several W20 leadership consultations, to build policy recommendations that foster youth-led innovation, job creation and women’s entrepreneurship.

Even before the proposed tax reforms were revealed, one of the core recommendations in the G20 YEA communiqué – presented at the G20 meeting to Prime Minister Trudeau, and other G20 Heads of State and policy makers – was the need for Smart Taxation Schemas with more progressive measures that alleviate tax burdens that curb the growth of …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Travel

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