Donald Trump’s Clean Power Plan And Obamacare Moves Explained For Brits

This week is set to be busier than usual in the White House as the Trump administration gets set to plough ahead with attempts to change two major pieces of US policy – Obamacare and the Clean Power Plan.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of what this means and why it’s happening, it’s worth pointing out what both of these laws have in common – this man:

It’s no secret that President Trump has made something of a mission of hacking away at Barack Obama’s legacy, although dismantling the policies of his predecessor is proving to be more difficult than he may have thought.

So the short version of “why is Trump rolling back Obamacare and the Clean Power Plan?” is.. because Obama did it.

But still reading? OK then, here’s the nitty gritty.

What Is It?

The Clean Power Plan (CPP) is the “historic opportunity to reduce carbon pollution from the single largest source of US global warming emissions”, namely power plants, by 32 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.

These account for around 40% of carbon emissions in the US, the world’s second biggest emitter after China.

Fewer emissions = less global-warming = happier planet. Sounds pretty good, right?

Well not to Trump and the head of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt.

Why Don’t They Like It?

Yesterday, when announcing he would sign a proposed rule on Tuesday to begin withdrawing from the CPP, Pruitt said:

Here’s the President’s message: The war on coal is over.

The EPA is also saying the CPP is illegal as it gave the government too much influence in the competition to generate power in the United States.

In short, they’re – allegedly – doing it for the coal miners and cash-strapped utility companies that still rely on coal-fired power plants.

What’s Really Going On?

The …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – UK politics

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