How Utah racer/owner Lara Tallman cultivates professional drivers

TOOELE VALLEY — For Utahan Lara Tallman racing is life, but racing is also business. That is where Lara Tallman finds herself as team owner of Rearden Racing as she and the team field eight cars this weekend in the Sueprcar Grand Prix of Utah.

Throughout the weekend at the Utah Motorsports Campus (formerly Miller Motorsports Park) a variety of sports cars will be racing and on display in the pits for fans to see up close.

Rearden Racing will be lining up four BMW and four Porsche racecars, which in racing terms is a logistical juggernaut.

“As team owner I am responsible for the cars, operations, logistics and race relations,” said Tallman. “At the end of the day I love racing, and that’s why I have moved myself into this position to grow the team and to create a family surrounding our drivers. I have a great staff that works with me and each team driver also brings individual support and when you put that all together, we are a great team but most importantly we are a great racing family.”

As a professional driver, Tallman has had to set that aside as she navigates that waters of ownership.

“I do this because myself and the other team members love racing,” said Tallman. “Racing will always be my passion but right now, growing and establishing a business model of racing success and strong business is where I need to be. We are growing rapidly here in Utah and we are set to expand and create a racing experience at the shop for racing fans of all types to have access here in Utah. Driving, having fun and winning is what we do, and that’s how we run our business.”

Tallman and Rearden Racing are comprised of the eight drivers who pick and choose which race …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Sports News

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